Anton Fadeev

Anton Fadeev. concept art
Anton Fadeev is a concept artist based in Sochi, Russia, whose focus is on environments.

Fadeev works with an unusually bright high-chroma palette and complementary color schemes, that give his work an immediate appeal.

He sets a nice balance between naturalistic textures and pleasingly graphic rendering with lots of areas of flat color.

Much of the work on his ArtStation portfolio is for the Duelyst game.

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  1. Charley,What is a concept artist and is this chaps work in digital or is it painted…sorry but I’m not up on this stuff.

    Many Thanks

    1. A concept artist works out the visual appearance of scenes, characters, equipment or other aspects of movies, TV shows or games. They take the information from the writer and director and make it visible before filming or game development begins. They are also often called “visual development artists”. A good example would be these concept paintings by Ralph McQuarrie which helped visualize the look of the original Star Wars films before filming or even set production began:–2012/

      Though McQuarrie and a number of other influential concept artists would work in traditional media, the majority of contemporary concept artists work digitally, because of the ability digital painting allows to make quick revisions. The subject of this post, Anton Fadeev, works digitally, painting in Photoshop.

  2. What an imaginative fantasy/sci-fi universe Anton has crafted. The use of complementary colors so skilfully makes his work stand out.

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