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Eye Candy for Today: Anders Zorn portrait of Freida Schiff

Portrait of Frieda Schiff, Anders Zorn
Frieda Schiff, Anders Zorn

In the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Given the relatively weak greens in the curtain and background, I suppose it’s possible this was painted with Zorn’s famously eponymous palette.

The “Zorn Palette”, with which the Swedish artist is presumed to have painted many (though certainly not all) of his paintings, consisted of Ivory Black, Vermillion, Flake White and Yellow Ochre. It is essentially a portrait palette, and Zorn’s effective use of it is a testament to the power of a limited palette.

The seemingly casual but astonishingly effective brush strokes in the dress are indicative of Zorn’s position as one of the “masters of the loaded brush”, a short list that also includes John Singer Sargent and Joaquín Sorolla (I would personally add Cecilia Beaux to that list, but hey, that’s just me).


3 responses to “Eye Candy for Today: Anders Zorn portrait of Freida Schiff”

  1. I was sure he came from Belgium … but I was wrong! I was thinking Sargent just before I read your words

  2. This portrait of Frieda Schiff at the age of 18 was painted in 1894 on Zorn’s first trip to America before she became the wife of Felix Moritz Warburg.
    She was a wonderful woman; astute, generous and well read.
    Thanks, Charley.

  3. What an artist for sure it’s like magic brush and color etc. how can you not get inspired amazing thanks