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James Jebusa Shannon

James Jebusa Shannon
James Jebusa Shannon

Born in the U.S., James Jebusa Shannon moved to the UK to study when he was 16, and spent most of his life and career there.

Shannon made his mark as a highly successful portrait painter and has been compared to his contemporary, John Singer Sargent.


4 responses to “James Jebusa Shannon”

  1. Frank Furlong Avatar
    Frank Furlong

    When are we going to see some line art in “Lines and colors”?

    1. Good point, Frank — soon. I’ve been saving up some posts for “Inktober”.

  2. I love the eyes! They are so lively! If I just talk about the eyes in the pictures, I can’t tell if it’s a photograph or a drawing!

  3. I’m more interested in your color palette and your brush stroke. Hope I can see some demos. Thanks