Albert Joseph Moore

Albert Joseph Moore
Albert Joseph Moore

Albert Joseph Moore was an English painter active in the late 19th century. He starrted his career as a decorative artist, designing stained glass, wallpaper and tiles as well as painting murals in private homes.

As a painter he developed something of a neo-classical style, similar in ways to the approach of other Victorian era painters.

In the arrangements and backgrounds of his numerous paintings of female figures — often full length in severely vertical canvasses — you can see the influence of his early training.

Moore is sometimes loosely assocuated with the Pre-Raphaelites, though I don’t know if he had much direct contact with them.

His female figures are elegant and often draped in diaphanous gowns that showcase his ability to suggest their translucency and flow.

Albert Joseph Moore was the brother of well-known sculptor, Henry Moore and painter John Collingham Moore.


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