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Sang Jun Lee
Sang Jun Lee is a concept artist who seems to specialize in creature and character designs for movies. Working primarily for ILM and Lucas Film, he has provided concept design art for movies like Frankenstein, Men in Black II, The Hulk, Peter Pan, Pirates of the Caribbean and Star Wars Episode III.

In addition to the gallery, there is a section of his site devoted to descriptions of his involvement in each project.

Though most of his characters tend toward the dark and threatening villains and monsters of the piece, you can occasionally see a sly sense of humor seeping through.

Most of his concept pieces are painted, but he often leaves some of the line work visible, creating a nice informal blend of line and color. His color can be sketchy or more refined, but always adds a solid feeling of form and volume to the figures.

Lee’s gallery includes sketches, drawings, illustration and sculpture as well as concept illustrations. The “drawing”, “sketchbook” and “misc” sections contain some drawing and painting from life in addition to flights of fancy.

Unfortunately the large gallery images are accessed through one of those tedious “click to pop-up, click to close” arrangements that begins to try your patience after 5 or 6 images, but if you like the first few, persevere, and you’ll find many more of equal calibre. Be aware that several of the gallery sections run for more than one page, via a link at the bottom of the thumbnail pages. The sketchbook section, in particular, runs for several pages, and features some particularly nice animal drawings from life toward the end.


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  1. I always liked San Jun Lee’s work.