Patrick Woodroffe

Patrick Woodroffe
Patrick Woodroffe is a British artist noted for his his illustrations in the fantasy and science fiction field. His work, however, often bears less conceptual and visual relation to the images normally found in that genre than it does to Surrealism, Symbolism, contemporary visionary painters and the work of 16th Century artists like Bosch and Bruegel.

Woodroffe takes those influences and incorporates then into images that are stylistically diverse, richly imaginative and intricately detailed.

He has illustrated a number of fantasy and science fiction books by well known authors, created album art for bands like Judas Priest and The Strawbs, collaborated with musicians Dave Greenslade and Mike Batt on art/music projects, and created sculpture for Gruyeres Castle in Switzerland.

Woodroffe works in a variety and mixture of traditional media, including an unusual method of coloring etchings or ink drawings with oil paint.

Unfortunately the images on his own site are too small to get a real feeling for the appeal of his work, though he does give you a few detail images that hint at it. There is a bio and gallery here, and unofficial galleries here and here (pop-up warning on the latter two) that have larger reproductions.

There is a collection of his work, Mythopoeikon and a book of technique, A Closer Look – At the Art Techniques of Patrick Woodroffe, that are out of print, but you may be able to find used copies through Amazon or other sources. Word on his site is that some of his older books may be republished eventually, and his work should be included in the upcoming title: Dreamscape II: The Best of Imaginary Realism.


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  1. Ahhh Charley, you’ve done it again!! First McMahon and now this… for us in the UK, Woodroffe (together with one or two others, Brian Froud and Kit Williams included) was a prime mover of the British countercultural aesthetic that so defined the seventies. His art is one of those reasons I mourn the passing of the LP, which provided such an oddly tactile platform for some of his work. A real great and, of course, another total original who remains somewhat unappreciated in his homeland.

  2. I can cite another book of Woodroffe’s work.

    Hallelujah – Anyway (A collection of illustrated lyrics by Patrick Woodroffe)
    Paper Tiger / Dragon’s World 1984

    This book contains paintings, drawings and photographs along with the lyrics. The photos show cut-outs of some of his wonderful creature designs placed in staged settings with real world elements.

    “Don’t Forget the Forget-Me-Nots!”

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