Pose Maniacs (update)

Pose Maniacs
Pose Maniacs, which I wrote about in 2007, is a Japanese web site that features 3D models of human figures, rendered with superficial musculature, for sketching and drawing reference.

A high percentage of them are in an interface that allows you to turn them 360° on their vertical axis for a complete rotation of point of view (image above, original here).

Others are animation sequences that can be stopped in a particular position, say, in the middle of a run cycle, which can be very helpful for animators.

They have continued to add to their considerable catalog of hundreds of poses; and the site, which was originally only in Japanese, has been translated into English.

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  1. They also now have an iPhone app called Random Pose which provides hundreds of different figures for the tech savvy artist on the run! You can’t rotate them 360 degrees but you can zoom.

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