David Wyatt (update)

David Wyatt
David Wyatt is a UK based illustrator working primarily in the fantasy genre for children’s books.

Since I wrote about him in 2009, Wyatt has a new website and a new blog, along with, of course, lots of delightful new material online.

In many of his feature illustrations, done in watercolor, Wyatt has a richly detailed style, but manages to maintain a loose sketch-like quality that I find particularly appealing. He also nicely controls his colors, wonderfully capturing the feeling of moss lined glens and ancient stones.

He also has a texturally detailed pen and ink style, that appears to draw influence from pen and ink greats like Franklin Booth and Joseph Clement Coll (with perhaps a bit of Berni Wrightson, who drew from the same well). Wyatt also has a spare, direct chiaroscuro ink style that nicely suits interior book pages, and a pencil style that ranges from intricate to more direct.

His website has gallery sections for book covers, picture books, pen and ink and pencil. On his blog you will find additional art, works in progress, and articles on other topics of interest. In addition he maintains a gallery on deviantART, and an Etsy shop where you can find prints, cards and original artwork.

Wyatt is also the author/artist of the online graphic story SunSound (above, third from bottom).

For more, see my previous post on David Wyatt.

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