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“Picturing Dinosaurs” on

Picturing Dinosaurs on Charles R. Knight, Robert F. Walters, William Stout, Rudolph Zallinger, James Gurney, Zdeněk Burian, Peter Schouten,  Douglas Henderson
As the latest installment of her wonderful ongoing series of themed “Picturing…” posts on, Irene Gallo has posted “Picturing Dinosaurs“, a theme near and dear to my heart (or more accurately, near and dear to the fevered brain of the 10 year old kid in me that still holds major sway over what I like).

For someone who is a self professed non-expert on dinosaurs, Gallo has pretty much covered the bases, with nods to paleo art greats past and present, as well as some fun and essential pop culture dinosaur references like Moebius’s Arzach pterosaur, Watterson’s Calvin and Hobbes T-rex in a jet and Kirby’s Devil Dinosaur.

What fun!

(Images above: Charles R. Knight, Robert F. Walters, William Stout, Rudolph Zallinger, James Gurney, Zdeněk Burian, Peter Schouten, Douglas Henderson)


8 responses to ““Picturing Dinosaurs” on”

  1. You really are a dino dork aren’t you Charley. I can still remember one of my favorite Christmases when I asked for a Stegosaurus model to build. I woke up Christmas morning to a group of presents all wrapped and attached end to end creating a long snake or dino like shape. My grandma had bought eight or ten dino models and wrapped them for a morning surprise. I spent weeks painstakingly assembling those models, staging a few battles and then in one afternoon blowing them all up with firecrackers and m80s. But I still love dinosaurs to this day.

    1. Yes, I’m a dino nerd through and through. I still have some of my amazingly inaccurate plastic dinosaurs from when I was 10 or so.

      You sound like a genuine Calvin in the way you treated yours (grin).

      I don’t know if you’ve seen my dinosaur cartoons: and my DinoMixer app:

  2. Some really great dino’s over there and quite an eclectic mix.
    Charley I can’t get the color to change from green or the sliders to work on your stegosaurus interactive coloring activity! : (

    1. Thanks, David.

      You should see your cursor change to a paint bucket as you move across the image, and be able to click on the dots in the sliders with the point of the paint pouring from he bucket.

      I just checked and it’s working OK in my browser on a Mac. It’s in Flash, so I would hope it’s relatively uniform across platforms, but it’s hard to know without comparing in different browsers and operating systems. I’ll try to check in IE next time I’m at a Windows computer.

  3. I’m on a Mac too
    Oops, sorry, I must not have been aligning the very tip of the paint bucket drip over the slider, it works.

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