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Not the usual Gauguins

Not the usual Gauguins
Among the most well known painters in the Impresssionist and Post-Impressionist circles, Paul Gauguin has never been a favorite of mine. But, like Renoir, about whom I have similar feelings, I find Gauguin’s earlier, less well known work more interesting than his later signature style.

Like Van Gogh, book authors and museum curators tend to emphasize the most well known work by Gauguin — the richly colored, modern and highly stylized paintings from his later career. His early paintings, in a much different style, and his period of Impressionist-influenced work, often are overlooked.

You can find many of Gauguin’s early paintings on WikiArt and The Athenaeum. In each case, you have the option to choose a sort by chronological order to find his earlier work.


5 responses to “Not the usual Gauguins”

  1. I love how he paints trees.

  2. I like these “Not the usual” posts Charley.
    Keep’ um coming.

  3. His paintings (ca. 600) are always very intriguing. Rightio, keep ‘um comin’, Charley.
    From riches to rags.

  4. The Yellow House in Arles, Southern France: the movie.

    1. Thanks, Ælle.