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Evariste Carpentier

Evariste Carpentier
Belgian painter Evariste Carpentier started in an academic style. During his time in France, he was infulenced by the French Realists, the naturalism of painters like Jules Bastien-Lepage and Jules Breton, the Barbizon painters and the move toward what would become Impressionism and eventually, Luminisim.

In many of his stylistic experiments, he was undoubtedly influenced by his almost lifelong association and friendship with Belgian painter Emile Claus, also a noted proponent of Luminism in Belgium.

Carpentier became director of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Liège, and was an influential teacher.

His paintings of lyrical domestic scenes and pastoral views are often filled with bright but gentle light, at times softly diffused by haze or overcast. Carpentier also did at least one major series of illustrations, or history paintings used as illustrations.


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  1. Fascinating and possibly satirical depictions of upper-class and lower-class in the landscape. The lady in the blue dress on a recliner in the garden is just SO Bored. And what are the farm folk harvesting from the puddle? Turnips? Eggs? Potatoes?